A spark of inspiration, that first mark, figuring details, finished work. The process of making art is what I love most about being an artist. I am always looking for that next inspiring project to feed my creative being.


I am a mother, wife, artist, art instructor, art therapist, and business owner who loves to share ideas to inspire and uplift anyone who wants to learn how to find ways to charge up their creativity.
I live in Utah with my husband and a very large, lovable puppy.  I have a BA in Art Therapy minor in Fine Art. 
I studied art with accomplished artists and I continually learn new techniques through online courses, books, artists on Instagram, Pinterest, and from my artist friends. I have always had the artistic bug, constantly experimenting with pastels, oils, mixed media, fiber, fabrics, crocheting, or whatever fuels my spirit. I nourish my soul by connecting with my artist friends who encourage me to keep fostering my art.

It is very important to me to network and stay connected to the art community so that I can keep evolving my work making it so that I can thrive and grow as an artist.